Malkangiri City Guide

Malkangiri’s immense geographical isolation has helped her in characterizing two of its unique offerings. One is its tribal culture and second is its vast amount of forest wealth. These two unique identities of Malkangiri region would not have survived and thrived, if geographical isolation hadn’t saved her from commercial exploitation. But geographical isolation is also hindering economic progress of Malkangiri city or for that matter of entire Malkangiri District itself. Its remoteness has in fact reduced this city into one of the aloof cities of Odisha. Malkangiri’s glaring poverty though cannot put a veil on its glorious history, which dates back to the era of epic Ramayana. Besides, with its tourist spots has inherent potential to become a unique tourist destinations. Owing to its remote location Malkangiri city has always been a secretive place for much of Indian citizens. Come lets explore this remote city of Odisha with Malkangirionline City-Guide !

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